Idaho’s safest and most advanced transportation company in the northwest.


Our Services

Victory EMS is an indirect air medical transport carrier that arranges and coordinates air ambulance services for critical care, advanced life support and basic life support patients.

Victory EMS offers the latest in medical equipment to ensure safe and proper transfers for our community and the facilities in them.

Victory EMS provides standby services for any event.  From Basic First Aid to Advance Life Support, Victory will help keep your event safe.

Victory Medical Transportation knows how to get you safely and comfortably from one place to another, and we keep our fees affordable so you can more easily fit our services into your budget.

Victory offers stretcher transports on fully automated top of the line stretchers. Our stretchers make transfers much more comfortable for the patients as it provides a smooth, level vertical lift.

As a transport company for hospice patients our Transport Specialists are specifically trained and understand the sensitivity, patience, and compassion required to make each transport as quickly as possible without compromising safety or comfort.

Victory Medical Transportation specializes in providing non-emergency long distance trips throughout the United States. We provide the best rates in the country, please request a quote today!

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